How To Get Yellow NOS In Need For Speed Unbound

Need For Speed is a racing arcade game with surprisingly obscure mechanics that let players defeat rivals and elude law enforcement. In Unbound, players can make certain adjustments to their NOS to help them accelerate quickly and easily pass other racers. This article will show players how to obtain yellow NOS in Need for Speed Unbound; but, in order to obtain more yellow NOS, players will also need to purchase affordable Need for Speed Unbound Accounts.

What is the yellow NOS in Need for Speed: Unbound?

Players are accustomed to the blue NOS reserve in Need For Speed Unbound, which accumulates over time so that players can use it when they need it most. Though there will be some minor variations, the yellow NOS serves a similar purpose. The yellow NOS does not naturally accumulate, however you can see it accumulating under the blue NOS. It vanishes after you obtain these reserves. Compared to the blue NOS you used to keep on hand before, this is noticeably different.

In Need for Speed Unbound, the yellow NOS has a bigger initial impact on the player’s vehicle than the blue NOS. Because the yellow NOS can be a very effective way to get out of difficulty after the player has gathered enough items to use. Yellow NOS can help, even though it might not be able to help a player win a competition.

How to get yellow NOS

There are several ways for players to get more of these things in the game, including the following:

Make a drift

Make a handle turn

Near misses (including near misses and parked cars)

Knock down a racer or cop

Perform jump

Tailgating another racer or police officer

A player is almost certain to place in the top three of the race and win money where it matters if they can somehow combine all of these strategies while competing in a race or chase. Performing specific jumps, playing Aki isomorphic speed traps, and even avoiding police officers can all benefit from this.

It should be noted that the player’s Need For Speed Unbound will not store the yellow NOS. Thus, the player must take the aforementioned actions. If you can, try to fill up your reserve as rapidly as you can so that you can use yellow NOS as soon as possible.

The above mentioned tutorial explains how to obtain yellow NOS in Need for Speed Unbound; players who are interested in additional Need for Speed Unbound news and guides could subscribe to

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