How To Get Crystal Cores In Genshin Impact

Even though it doesn’t have many applications, the Crystal Core is one of the difficult-to-find but crucial resources that players can find in the Teyvat Wilds of Genshin Impact. Players will need this item to create Condensed Resin and to win extra rewards when passing Ley Challenges. Players will acquire resources that can be used to increase the adventurer’s power by engaging with the beasts and creatures that prowl the area, whether by killing them or by capturing them. In addition to being able to purchase enough Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals in-game, this article will explain how to obtain Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact.

What is the crystal core in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact’s Cohesive Resin may be created from Crystal Core, which is obtained through catching Crystalfies. These insects are typically difficult to locate during the day, but they are simpler to discover at night or in caves that are dark. Depending on where the player explores, Crystalfies will take on various forms; for example, if the player is in Liyue, Geo Crystalfies will be there. The Anemo version is available in Mondstadt. All across Meru, Dendro Crystalflies are present. In Dragonspine, they eventually encounter the Cryo Crystalflies.

How to Get Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact

There are no spawns of Crystal Cores on the ground; instead, Crystal Cores are exclusively obtained through collecting Crystalflies. Only every two days will these uncommon insects reappear in real time. However, crystal flies won’t spawn if it’s raining. Use Sayu since she won’t frighten wild creatures, and they will flee if you approach them.

In spite of the fact that different varieties of Crystal Flies will appear in various locations, catching any of them will get you a Crystal Core. There are a total of six varieties of crystalflies:

Wind Crystal Fly

Cryogenic Crystal Fly

Geographic Crystal Fly

Electronic Crystal Fly

Crystal Fly

coral butterfly

How to use Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact

Items can be made from materials like crystal cores. As a result, the following is a list of products that may be created with Crystal Cores, along with information on their properties and price:

Crystalline resin

Rewarded with two sets at once, this item can be used to revive Leyline Flowers from Leyline Outcrops or petrified trees in the realm.

Cost: Raw Resin x 40, Mora x 100, and Crystal Core x 1.

Tree-Killing Drug

a medicine that slows plant growth while raising Dendro RES.

It throws the plants into a profound sleep rather than destroying them.

Cost: 100 Mara, 1 Crystal Core, 1 Sumeru Rose

Potion for Frost Shield

a mystical concoction that raises Cryo RES and increases resistance to intense cold.

Cost: One Crystal Core, one Mistblossom Corolla, and one hundred Mora

Windproofing agent

A mysterious concoction that improves Anemo RES and renders the user wind-resistant.

Cost: One Crystal Core, one Dandelion Seed, and one hundred Mora

Stove of the Adepti Seeker

a transportable stove for cooking outside of battle.

Cost: 500 Mola, 2 Crystal Cores, 1 Fire Oil, 2 Iron Bars

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Genshin Impact: How To Gain Friendship Experience And Increase Friendship Levels

The plots and histories in Genshin Impact are abundant, and players can give their characters more voices and stories by raising each character’s friendship level. To unlock new character stories and voiceovers in Genshin Shock, players must raise their friendship levels. In this article, we’ll go over how to level up your friendship in Genshin Impact. Players can also purchase enough Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals in-game to help them level up their friendship as well.

What is the experience of friendship

The friendship level of the player’s current party can be raised via friendship XP. Additional character stories that explain more background lore and unlock more voice lines are unlocked as friendship levels rise. A calling card unique to that character will be given to the player if their character’s friendship level hits 10. Travelers are not eligible for friendship experience, and characters that are not already in your current party cannot grant it.

How to farm Friendship EXP in Genshin Impact to increase a character’s friendship level

Finish daily commissions

In Genshin Impact, completing daily commissions and collecting daily commission incentives from Catherine of the Adventurer’s Guild are two of the simplest methods to gain partnership XP. Players cannot receive daily commissions unless they have attained adventure level 12 and have finished all of Genshin Shock’s world quests. Each commission awards 25–60 friendship experience, depending on the player’s current adventure level. So be sure to finish all four daily commissions to earn 4x friendship experience points.

Take down bosses to earn rewards.

In Genshin Impact, eliminating foes in Teyvat grants you friendship XP as well. Friendship XP is awarded by clearing domains and taking down the usual weekly bosses. Genshin Impact weekly bosses like Chlide in the Golden House can be defeated for a bigger reward of 55–70 Partnership EXP. In addition to Mora (flower of wealth) and resources for character advancement, the outcropping of the leylines will also give friendship experience, albeit it is considerably lesser than the domain and BOSS (flower of enlightenment).

Be yourself at the event.

If a character is not in your party, players cannot raise their friendship level with that character. They only need to join the party when the player earns Friendship EXP; they don’t have to be present on the field all the time. Upon completion, Domains award players with Companionship EXP in addition to materials and artifacts, and players will be rewarded; just make sure you have enough resin. The friendship EXP that players get in cooperative mode will double as of version 1.5. By doing so, players will be able to clear out areas and take down character-specific bosses more quickly. I advise Coop if you want to concentrate on just one character.

The information provided above is a complete explanation on how to level up your friendship in Genshin Impact. In order to discover more about Genshin Impact’s guide, players should sign up for