Destiny 2 Lightfall Headlong Quest Guide and Vex Puzzle Solution

Players must solve a unique riddle in the Headlong mission before moving on in Destiny 2’s Lightfall campaign’s halfway point. Here are some quick tips for completing Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Headlong problem. These puzzles are based on the production of Vex adversaries, whom the player must eliminate in a particular order to advance. This guide will explain how to complete the Lightfall Headlong task in Destiny 2 and solve the Vex puzzle. Players should have enough Destiny 2 Silver on hand before starting the game.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Headlong Mission Walkthrough

One of the later Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign tasks, Headlong, requires you to finish the Strand training. You can accomplish this by using the Strand to destroy large numbers of Vex while navigating new lock problems that are connected to roadblocks in your way. You must kill matching combinations of luminous cationic harpy and regular anionic harpy in order to unlock any of these barriers by reading the lock code, which is made up of glowing or dull lights above the barrier from left to right. The harpies will all resurrect if you kill them in the wrong order, unlocking the riddle once more.

Vex Lock Puzzle 1

Vex Lock Puzzle 2

Vex Lock Puzzle 3

We have some hints for further descents after defeating the Vex and working out their obstacle puzzles, you’ll eventually enter the VexNet training session where you’ll be tested on your ability to grapple around on waves of Vex and use the Strand destructively, a difficult battle in Finally waiting.

How to solve the Destiny 2 Headlong quest puzzle

You will be in the Dawn Harbor region of Neomuna during the Headlong mission, close to the Thrilladrome Lost Sector entrance. But, a Vex barrier has barred the door, and you must work out a minor riddle to get through it. Four harpies will spawn when you take out the goblins and Vex Minotaur guarding the entrance, but don’t kill them yet.

Instead, notice the three crystals, each of which is either shining or not, above the barrier-covered entryway. Also, you’ll see that certain harpies glow while others do not. The order in which you slay the Harpy, from left to right, is displayed on the crystal above the door. You must kill a glowing harpy, a normal harpy, and then another glowing harpy, for instance, if the order of the crystals is glowing, non-glowing, and glowing like mine.

Each crystal takes a while to recognize when you’re finished, but once it does, it vanishes, allowing you to move on to the next one. When all three are finished, the barrier lowers, allowing you to carry out the remaining tasks. More harpies and a hurdle will appear later, but you can still pass by using the same strategy.

There are conventional harpies mixed in with glowing cationic harpies and non-glowing anionic harpies, making the third problem in the quest a little trickier than the others. Like before, in the left-to-right order indicated above the barrier, kill the two distinct sorts of harpies and stay away from the common ones. Players can purchase enough Destiny 2 top up in-game to help solve puzzles.