God of War: All The Hidden Rooms In Odin’s Location And How To Open Them

After the main narrative, God of War offers a variety of side quests and battles to take part in, with Odin’s Chamber being among the toughest. In God of War, there are numerous hidden chambers, the majority of them include Valkyrie boss battles or valuable loot. The majority are hidden behind Odin’s Vault, although some require trials to find. The hidden rooms in Odin’s location in God of War are all included in this guide, along with instructions on how to access them. To uncover and enter these hidden rooms, players must have enough God of War CD Keys prepared.

All hidden rooms

To avoid getting stranded at the front with nothing to do, the player must be sure they know how to open the hidden room before they start looking. Some secret chambers are difficult to locate, but finding them will mark them on the map and assist with a mission.

Since the majority of these secret chambers feature Valkyries, the hardest boss battle in God of War, it is advisable to put off locating and unlocking them until the very end of the game.

Seven can be found in three main areas:

Chamber of Secrets 1: Wildwood

Kratos and Atreus’ hometown of Wildwood is the location of the first secret chamber. After entering Helheim or after finishing the game, players should come back here. Go behind Kratos’ house and free the wooden ladder of the black vines to access it. To access the hidden room, ascend the arena, engage the foes, then drop to the following section and turn left.

Chamber of Secrets 2: The Estuary

In the Witch’s Cave, beneath the River Witch’s home, there is an additional secret area. There is a Valkyrie by the name of Kara in this particular secret room. The Valkyrie summons the adversary to fight beside her in this conflict.

Chamber of Secrets 3: Foothills

On the route to the mountain, keep going straight and turn left to climb the wall. This hidden area is where I first encounter Sindri at the foot of the mountain. Instead of turning left into the cave to the climbing point, take the new path and turn right into the cave to locate the hidden room.

Chamber of Secrets 4: The Mountain

A Valkyrie named Eir is housed in this secret room in the highlands. Continue deeper down the mountain to the enormous open cave that Kratos must claw his way to in order to reach the top of the mountain to locate this secret area. The secret room is to the right of this space.

Chamber of Secrets 5: Samuel’s Corpse

After finishing the main story quest The Magic Chisel, you can easily reach a hidden room in the Thamur’s Corpse region of Midgard.

Chamber of Secrets 6: Alfheim

In the vicinity of the Ring Temple in Alfheim, a lake contains this secret room. After letting go of the boat, proceed through the channel until you come to the lake, where you should turn left. When Kratos arrives, there will be two cave networks to the right of a little beach. The door leading to the hidden room has a horseshoe statue in front of it.

Chamber of Secrets 7: Helheim

Continue along the main road, past the wide double doors, and then climb up to the big bridge to find this hidden room in Helheim. Look to your left for some sap; Atreus needs to clear the path by shooting it with concussion arrows.

In God of War, every hidden chamber includes priceless wealth, and certain chambers also feature collectible ravens, tears of the realm, treasure maps, bosses who resemble Valkyries, and occasionally undiscovered passages. You can subscribe to Gameguidevip.com for more God of War guides.