Red Dead Online: How to Enable Autopilot

Red Dead Online’s open world is just as expansive as its story mode, and getting around without using a secret feature that functions like autopilot may be a real hassle. With the use of this function, players can travel a variety of dirt paths without having to physically steer their horses. Red Dead Redemption 2 features a lot of horses, and mastering their management is essential to winning. Here’s a guide on how to put your horse under automatic control so you may concentrate on your work. Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition for Sale can be prepared by players enough.

What is Autopilot

Red Dead Online has a vast and varied selection of maps. We’ll be fascinated at first, but if we travel frequently (as when we’re collectors), it can get boring traveling between far-off places. Rockstar does, however, give us the option to utilize a form of autopilot that will “drive us” to a certain spot on the map.

How to march with an automatic horse

Most players are unaware of this mode, therefore they will have to take some action to make it available. Many users choose to ride with an autonomous horse since it saves time compared to using Red Dead Online’s fast travel option, which necessitates going to a railway station, buying a ticket, and waiting for a train. Thus, players can take the following actions to enable this feature:

Step 1: Stop Horst and open the map

Step 2: Place a waypoint on the map

Step 3: Sit on the horse, hold down the X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) button to start the ride

Step 4: Press the touchpad (PS4/PS5) or view button (Xbox) to enable movie view

Step 5: Don’t press any button as it will disable movie mode i.e autopilot

When in movie mode, the camera perspective will alternate frequently to simulate a scene from a film or television program. Red Dead Online is not immune to attacks from foes and predators, therefore gamers should be on the lookout for them. The player should always keep their eyes on the screen to prevent a tragic death because the horse will fling them away in these circumstances.

Pros and Cons of Using Horse Autopilot

Because the player doesn’t have to focus too much on the navigation course, autopilot is helpful. Ultimately, the travel may be easier as a result of the shifting camera views. Also, this allows gamers to make new discoveries. Many gamers have found a spot that they would have missed if they had been operating automatically.

Remember that the AI of the horses from Red Dead Redemption still powers autopilot. The autopilot will be disabled and the player will have to take over if the horse becomes scared while they are riding. Avoid spending too much time away from electronics or leaving the room when traveling. Players in Red Dead Online are still susceptible to attacks from animals, NPCs, and other gamers. In-game autopilot needs to be enabled by players Buy Red Dead Redemption 2.