Fortnite: How to Get the Snowball Launcher

Players in the well-known battle royale can now partake in some holiday mayhem thanks to Fortnite Winterfest 2022. There are numerous simple challenges, but one calls for the player to locate the Snowball Launcher, which is a need for the event quest accessible through the main menu or the Cozy Lodge. Players must use the Snowball Launcher to eliminate five adversaries as part of this Winterfest challenge. In order to swiftly obtain the Snowball Launcher, players must purchase enough Fortnite V-BUCKS in the game.

What is a Snowball Launcher?

A seasonal weapon that resembles a grenade launcher is the snowball launcher. But players shoot snowballs at opponents instead of explosives. The snowballs fired by this area-explosive weapon burst upon impact, and each magazine may carry six rounds. It usually reappears during the Winter season or as part of the yearly Winterfest challenge. It is both a holiday skin for the Grenade Launcher and a separate weapon with a unique appearance.

Fortnite: All Snowball Launcher Locations

Here are the locations of all the Snowball Launchers in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1:

Chests and Rare Chests:

These two types of chests contain snowball launchers. As a result, players should ideally go for locations like POIs that have a lot of uncommon chests.

Ground Loot:

Snowball Launchers could appear in ground loot as well, but this is less likely. However, gamers should also exercise caution when looking for potential ground-level riches.


Players must continue seeking for snowball launchers because gifts are one of the main components of each winter and they can be found there. They are more common in POIs and roam the entire map.

NPC Scrapknight Jules – Missplit:

Meeting the NPC Scrapknight Jules is by far the best way to obtain a Snowball Launcher. If you have enough gold bars, you can buy a snowball launcher from her instead than searching the entire map. She sells them for gold bars.

How to Get the Snowball Launcher

Up to January 3, 2023 at 9AM ET, the Snowball Launcher will take the place of the Rocket Launcher in the game. That implies that obtaining a rocket launcher at this time is not possible in any way, shape, or form. Despite having a slightly different mechanism, the snowball launcher uses the same ammunition. The grenades fired by the snowball launcher explode instantly upon collision as opposed to launching rockets straight ahead until they detonate on impact.

The Snowball Launcher is challenging to locate, much like the Rocket Launcher, though spawn rates could rise throughout the event. Snowball Launchers can be obtained from supply drops, within oath chests, inside chests, and as floor loot. There is a character on the map that sells them, therefore there is a means for players to ensure they will receive one during a match.

It is advised that players use other weapons to incapacitate adversaries before firing the Snowball Launcher because five enemies can be killed with it once the player has it. Players can subscribe to for additional information about Fortnite Winterfest challenges after defeating the adversary and moving on to further Fortnite Winterfest challenges.