How To Unlock With A Credit Card

Are you curious about using a credit card to pick locks? See if a credit card can be used to open your door. If so, slide the card vertically into the door’s gap. To force the latch in, slide the card up or down while applying pressure. With the exception of your credit card, this article will show you how to enter your house without any instruments. At, a sufficient Lock Picking Set can be purchased.

How to choose a door lock with a credit card? Step by step

Step 1: Access the lock to choose

It’s not always possible to open a door lock with a credit card. There was no simple access because the door was deadbolted shut. They only function on doors where the latch is angled in your direction to make it simpler to depress with a card. The only way to open a lock is with a key or another lockpicker. When the door’s hinges are pointed away from you, the technique is suitable for those hinges. This way of picking might not be effective if the door hinges are on your side. The usage of the credit card will be hampered by anything that prevents it from slipping through the gap between the door and the crack.

Step 2: Choose your card

It isn’t as seamless as it is in the movie. The selected card must be durable enough to resist considerable wriggling and bending. It’s a totally new kind of rough play, not made for the majority of credit cards. The majority of these cards are heavy and stiff, and they may break if not picked carefully. As a result, the card used should be adaptable and less expensive than a typical credit card. This can be facilitated by cards such as gift cards, loyalty cards, old hotel keys, and insurance cards. All of these cards are readily available to everyone at all times, making them simple to use.

Step 3: Cut or Bend Your Card

If you can, try cutting the card to fit the triangle or bending it to suit the lock groove.

Step 4: Slide the card into the vertical slit between the door and the frame.

The entire technology is there. Insertion ought to begin at the doorknob, leaving a space between it and the door frame. At a 90-degree angle, slide the card against the door as far as you can. The card must then be angled toward the knob.

Step 5: Bend and wiggle the credit card

It is crucial to apply pressure on the door, swing it in your direction, and bend it. Until the end, the card will slid toward the doorknob. The door is then unlocked when the latch is compressed. The bolt is forced open by the angled latch. can be re-unlocked from the opposite side. Lean against the door and bend the card back and forth if the door won’t open. When applied pressure, the latch opens. The majority of door deadbolts are simple to manipulate in the lock cylinder in order to unlock the lock. Currently installed low-cost locks make them simpler to manage.

Certain locks are impossible to open with a credit card. No matter what you do, getting inside will need more complex lockpicking techniques. So don’t worry if this approach doesn’t work for you. because this method does not work with all locks. The last resort is to get a lockpicking set. To view our variety of Lock Picking Kit, visit