Valheim: How to Get Eitr

Over the past few months, the survival game Valheim has been more well-liked. Eitr, a brand-new magical resource that can be found in Valheim Mistlands, is also a crucial resource in the game. In the most recent update of Iron Gate’s viking survival game, it has numerous applications and can create a variety of new items. This article will show users how to get Eitr in Valheim; they must purchase enough Valheim Resources in the game. If you want to obtain this new resource, you must enter the Mists.

What is Eitr in Valheim?

Eitr, as was already explained, stands for both Resource and Stat in the game. To create new mythic armor and weaponry, Eitr is refined. Eitr stats are produced by ingesting Eitr-induced meals and will gradually regenerate. The speed of regeneration will increase if the character is wearing armor made with Eitr.

How to get Eitr in Valheim?

Eitr is a magical substance, hence it seems logical that it sprang from a fantasy substance like the sap of Yggdrasil. The Mistlands contain the roots of numerous holy trees, and you can collect sap from the trees’ green glowing regions. To gather this material, though, and to assemble it, you’ll need a workshop and a specific extractor.

To craft a Juice Extractor, you will need the following items:

Black metal x5

World Tree x10

Dvergr Extractor x1

A ferrous metal axe can be used in the Mistlands to gather ferrous metal, which can also be found in the Plains and Yggdrasil Wood (opens in a new tab). The last thing on the list, though, is quite challenging to understand.

Dvergr extractors are simple to locate because they are frequently discovered within crates that are inscribed with blue runes in the Dvergr camp. These NPCs are not hostile, but if you fight them or attempt to take their property, they will become very irate. Generally, prepare to fight extractors as soon as you grab them, or open a passage so you can flee quickly; however, keep in mind that they may also cast spells at you.

You can head to the nearest glowing Yggdrasil tree root after picking up the Dvergr Extractor and learning how to make the Sap Extractor. Install a standard workbench first, then construct the Sap Extractor to begin acquiring resources. The detailed instructions on how to obtain Eitr in Valheim are listed above. In the game, players can purchase enough Valheim Items to aid in obtaining Eitr.